Welcome to the MUSIC:NUVO blog page! MUSIC:NUVO is one of the easiest to use, most independent artist friendly sites in the world, allowing artists to sell all of their content from one central store.  From digital downloads to physical CDs to T-Shirts… sell it all through MUSIC:NUVO, and keep more of your artist royalty from day one.

This blog will not only dive into some of the great opportunities independent artists can take advantage of through MUSIC:NUVO, but will also dive into the overall strategies all artists can implement to make them more compelling in the online world.  This is a blog about helping independent artists succeed at what they do best – making music – by maximizing the toolbox of the internet.

Browse the blog and join the discussion, and visit www.musicnuvo.com to learn how you can take advantage of the most powerful online store for independent artists!


One Response to “About”

  1. aoifemc Says:

    Hey Mattnuvo
    Thanks for the comment! Dan Deacon was blinking amazing.
    Your site is a great source of information – nice one.
    Come back to the indie hour blog soon!
    Aoife Mc

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