NUVO CardsNow you can take the world of digital downloads with you on the road! NUVO Cards are the innovative new product from MUSIC:NUVO, giving indie artists the ability to sell their digital content in the form of a physical coupon card at their live shows. To kick things off we’re offering a FREE TRIAL of 15 NUVO Cards at!

Artists can use NUVO Cards to:

  • Sell a digital sampler of their music at concerts
  • Add value to physical CD purchases with redeemable bonus content online
  • Provide a free digital backup for sales of vinyl albums
  • Sell any music that they haven’t yet pressed to CD
  • And much, much more!

Using NUVO Cards is extremely easy, and setup is a breeze. There are absolutely no monthly fees and no obligations. Here’s how it works:

  1. You order a set of NUVO Cards from
  2. Your custom NUVO Cards are printed and shipped to you
  3. You sell your NUVO Cards at shows at a retail price you determine
  4. Fans return home and redeem their content online at
  5. Sell all of your NUVO Cards and return to MUSIC:NUVO for more!

MUSIC:NUVO guarantees the best prices in the industry on download cards, and compared to pressing CDs, NUVO Card prices will definitely make you second guess pressing those additional 1000 CD. Take a look at the full pricing chart to the right comparing our service with the pricing of competitor Disc Revolt.

NUVO Cards can change the way you offer your music and the way you do business on the road. Want to get started with NUVO Cards? Check out our 15 card FREE TRIAL – free money for you!


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