Quick update here for you to look forward to things to come at musicnuvo.  We’ll be making a few developments to the site over the next several days to make a more complete offering to independent artists.

 Developments on the way:

  • Integrated listing of both digital AND physical albums in the Music tab
  • Creation of a new Merch tab, allowing artists to sell T-Shirts, Posters, Coffee Mugs, whatever…
  • Inclusion of product information listings (so you can include an album description in your product listing)
  • Addition of an Artist Bio page so artists can include a short biography, photos, and web links directly from their musicnuvo store
  • Digital / Physical audio product setup will remain free; All other physical / merch product setup fees will be REDUCED to $5 per item

As before, musicnuvo offers the lowest monthly hosting / service rates in the industry at only $8 per month (compare to industry standard of $10-$12).  Also, we start you out at a royalty of 70%  for digital download product – you can increase this up to 100% through artist referrals.  And finally, you get 100% of retail for all physical product you sell through the site – that includes CDs and all merch products.

Ultimately, we want musicnuvo to be the ideal online retail location for indie artists, allowing them to sell all of their content from one place.  If you have new ideas and suggestions for the store that you want to share, or if you have questions about what we offer, drop a comment below!


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