Ten years ago the internet was a different beast. We thought it was just cool that we could send a letter to a friend across the country through a handy device called email. As musicians we all had a website – I certainly had one – but it was pretty elementary… a bio, a few photos, and maybe an email address so people could get in touch. We live in a different world now, and the internet is not the same sluggish beast it once was. The capabilities and opportunities afforded to independent musicians now can completely transform the way they go about their careers, and that’s what this blog is going to be about.

This transformation of the internet is what music:nuvo is all about as well. It used to be that we’d send our fans to one site (maybe CD Baby) to buy our CD. Then we send them to PayPal to send us money for our T-Shirts. Then along came iTunes… yet another store to send people off to. Honestly, it all gets a little overwhelming. We spend all this time on stage trying to get folks to come to our website, and then once they come we send them off to one of any number of other sites.

Enter music:nuvo. Through music:nuvo, we give you the opportunity to sell everything you want from one simple store. Digital albums and tracks? Sure. CDs? Absolutely. T-Shirt? Of course. And you can sell pretty much anything else too… wallpapers, PDF booklets, bumper stickers, buttons, videos (DVDs or downloadable)… yeah, seriously, whatever you want.

It’s a one of a kind store and this is just the beginning. It’s affordable and gives you better artist royalty rates than any other site in the industry (up to 100% of retail)!

So if you’re not quite satisfied with the way you’re selling your merchandise as an artist, sending your fans all over the internet, then you need to check out music:nuvo. Let’s transform the way independent artists are doing business!

Put to use the most powerful online store for independent artists and start selling all of your content from one place! Visit www.musicnuvo.com to learn more.